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Coastal Travel Destinations: Exploring Seafood Hotspots | New South Wales
 New South Wales (NSW) is blessed with some of the best seafood hotspots in the country. If you’re anything like us, holidays wouldn’t be the same without fresh seafood straight from the waterways, enjoyed alfresco on sunny days with your...
Sustainable Solutions: Repurposing Oyster Shells for Environmental Benefits
Oyster Reef Restoration Oyster reefs, once abundant along the Australian coastline, are ecologically vital and critically endangered with only 10% remaining. Shellfish reefs provide habitat for marine life, filter water to improve quality and protect the coastline from erosion.  Pollution...
Boost Your Well-being: The Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Seafood
From the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean to the traditional diets of East Asian cultures, the consumption of fresh seafood has been a staple in the diets of coastal communities around the world. Today, fisheries and aquaculture supply over 1.5...
Women in Seafood
There is a perception that the seafood industry is a male dominated industry and whilst this is true, 24% of the Australian workforce is actually female. In 2015 the United Nations produced a report that found that 50% of the workforce along the global seafood supply chain were women.
The Plastic Crisis: A Way Forward
Plastic in our Oceans Plastic in our oceans is now widely regarded as a global crisis. With over 8 million metric tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year, it is estimated that there are 15 to 51 trillion pieces of...
Lake Macquarie: History, Fishing & Rehabilitation
Lake Macquarie is Australia’s largest coastal lake, although it is more accurate to describe it as a seaboard lagoon. Measuring a shoreline circumference of 174 km and a cover of around 110 km2 with a catchment of 700 km2, it...
Sydney Fish Market: The Beating Heart of the Seafood Industry in NSW

Sydney Fish Market is much more than a retail centre selling seafood to consumers. It is the thriving beating heart of the seafood industry for NSW. Our blog this month takes a look at this fascinating business, the redevelopment that’s due to be completed in 2024 and the Italian heritage that continues to influence how we celebrate the seafood industry in our state.

Silly Season Seafood on a Budget
There is no doubt about it, Australians love their seafood at Christmas time. The associated demand for seafood at Christmas time is extraordinary. Here at Dawsons last Christmas we sold 1.8 tonnes of prawns, 8467 dozen oysters, 115kgs of fresh fish, and 100kgs of crustaceans (bugs, crabs, lobsters).
Climate Change, Seafood & Sustainability
There is a growing urgency in the industry which is working hard on a transparent and reliable certification of seafood. Currently there is one certification that is having some success – the Marine Stewardship Council blue tick – or MSC which has more than 400 wild capture fisheries certified around the world.
Oysters: Farming and the Environment
Australia has been commercially farming oysters since the late 1800s. Fast forward to today and the industry now has 3200 aquaculture leases in NSW, spread across 41 coastal estuaries with three species of oysters grown - the Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata), Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and the native, flat oyster (Ostrea angasi). 
Dawson's Oyster Supplies: A fresh take on a local seafood tradition
Lake Macquarie locals who love their seafood know that Dawson’s Oyster Supplies have been a tradition in the area since 1964. Fast forward almost 60 years and this much-loved local family business at 67 king St, Warners Bay has had a total refresh with new owners, new branding and a shop fitout.