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Delectable Seafood Dishes at Newcastle’s Top Restaurants
Newcastle’s food and wine scene is undergoing a renaissance with cafes, craft breweries and distilleries, waterside dining and multicultural eating establishments popping up all over the city. There are also definite advantages to being the gateway to Australia’s oldest wine...
Recipe: Maine-Style Lobster Roll
The origin of the lobster roll is a topic of debate, but it's believed to have originated in the United States, particularly in the New England region. The most traditional style of Lobster Roll is sometimes known as Maine-Style, where...
Costal Travel Destinations: Exploring Seafood Hotspots | Port Lincoln, SA
Widely recognised as the seafood capital of Australia, it’s also home to the largest fishing fleet in the southern hemisphere and is renowned for its tuna, whiting, Coffin Bay oysters and Spencer Gulf king prawns.
Recipe: Pickled Baby Octopus
The art of pickling has been part of culinary traditions for centuries, a practice born out of necessity for preserving food in times when refrigeration was a luxury. Pickling involves submerging food items in a mixture of vinegar, salt, sugar,...
Coastal Travel Destinations: Exploring Seafood Hotspots | Queensland
Holiday season is not far away, and our weather is slowly warming up. If your thoughts are turning to where your next holiday is going to be, you can’t go wrong with Queensland – after all, as the famous old...
Recipe: Salmon and Avocado Sushi rolls
As the weather warms, we love to make fresh sushi at home. We stock a range of sashimi grade fish, depending on the time of year and we always stock sashimi grade Huon Salmon at Dawson’s. Below we’ve got helpful...
Coastal Travel Destinations: Exploring Seafood Hotspots | New South Wales
 New South Wales (NSW) is blessed with some of the best seafood hotspots in the country. If you’re anything like us, holidays wouldn’t be the same without fresh seafood straight from the waterways, enjoyed alfresco on sunny days with your...
Recipe: Swordfish Souvlaki with Lemon and Herb Pilaf
Swordfish Souvlaki with Lemon and Herb Pilaf - a delightful fusion of tastes that captures the essence of Greece. Join us in exploring the rich history of beloved Greek dish Souvlaki, and the health benefits of swordfish. This recipe is from...
Sustainable Solutions: Repurposing Oyster Shells for Environmental Benefits
Oyster Reef Restoration Oyster reefs, once abundant along the Australian coastline, are ecologically vital and critically endangered with only 10% remaining. Shellfish reefs provide habitat for marine life, filter water to improve quality and protect the coastline from erosion.  Pollution...
Recipe: Snapper Ceviche
Ceviche, a popular dish originating from the coastal regions of Latin America, has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts around the world. With its vibrant colours, bold flavours, and emphasis on fresh ingredients, ceviche has become a beloved culinary delight. In this recipe blog, we delve into the origins, preparation, and diverse variations of this refreshing seafood dish.
Boost Your Well-being: The Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Seafood
From the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean to the traditional diets of East Asian cultures, the consumption of fresh seafood has been a staple in the diets of coastal communities around the world. Today, fisheries and aquaculture supply over 1.5...
Recipe: Stir-fried Garlic Prawn Udon
This is a quick and easy mid-week dinner that will delight the whole family. There are many different ways you can prepare this dish. We’ve opted for our favourite Stir Fried Garlic Prawns with Udon Noodles. They make the yummiest leftovers for lunch the next day too!
Recipe: Pan Fried Flathead with Broad Bean and Fennel Salad
Dusky Flathead is the largest of the Australian flathead species and can be recognised by the patterns on the pectoral and caudal fins. In terms of nutrition, flathead has as much protein as meat but a lot less fat and all Australian white fish have been deemed as having enough omega 3 to be considered a good source of this essential nutrient.
Women in Seafood
There is a perception that the seafood industry is a male dominated industry and whilst this is true, 24% of the Australian workforce is actually female. In 2015 the United Nations produced a report that found that 50% of the workforce along the global seafood supply chain were women.
Recipe: Oysters with Zesty Japanese Vinaigrette
This month we’ve decided to put a Japanese spin on our classic oyster recipe with a zesty Japanese vinaigrette. We love this recipe with the creaminess of Sydney Rock Oysters but for a genuine Japanese experience, Pacific Oysters are more accurate, as they originated in Japan.
The Plastic Crisis: A Way Forward
Plastic in our Oceans Plastic in our oceans is now widely regarded as a global crisis. With over 8 million metric tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year, it is estimated that there are 15 to 51 trillion pieces of...
Lake Macquarie: History, Fishing & Rehabilitation
Lake Macquarie is Australia’s largest coastal lake, although it is more accurate to describe it as a seaboard lagoon. Measuring a shoreline circumference of 174 km and a cover of around 110 km2 with a catchment of 700 km2, it...
Recipe: Spaghetti alle Vongole
Spaghetti alle Vongole is a seafood pasta dish originating in Naples, Italy that couples pasta with clams. This simple Neopolitan recipe packs a powerful punch and as with most simple dishes, the quality of the ingredients is paramount to its success.
Sydney Fish Market: The Beating Heart of the Seafood Industry in NSW

Sydney Fish Market is much more than a retail centre selling seafood to consumers. It is the thriving beating heart of the seafood industry for NSW. Our blog this month takes a look at this fascinating business, the redevelopment that’s due to be completed in 2024 and the Italian heritage that continues to influence how we celebrate the seafood industry in our state.

Recipe: Classic Oyster Mignonette
We’ve got the simplest and most divine way to serve your freshly shucked oysters. You can’t muck this one up, we promise. It’s so easy, quick to prepare and yummy that we’re sure you’ll be dishing up Classic Oyster Mignonette every date night and plenty of other nights too.
A Snapshot of Australian Fisheries & Aquaculture

Despite having one of the largest fishing environments in the world, our fisheries and aquaculture industry are primarily focused on just three products: salmonoids, rock lobsters and prawns which make up over 60% of the value of production.