Red Gurnard Fillets

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Frozen | Wild caught | Skinless | Boneless

Gurnard is renowned for its firm flesh that retains its integrity during cooking. While grilling or frying are options, it's important to note that Gurnard has low oil content, which can result in dryness. To overcome this, it is recommended to cook Gurnard fillets on lower heat or utilize moist cooking methods like braising. Additionally, Gurnard is a fantastic addition to soups and stews, infusing them with its distinctive flavours. Red Gurnard is filleted fresh, packed and frozen all on the same day. 

Ferguson Australia is a renowned South Australian seafood company with deep roots in the fishing industry. The Ferguson Australia fish fillets we’ve chosen to stock are all 100% Australian wild caught and processed.

Your Red Gurnard Fillets from Dawson's Oyster Supplies come skinless and boneless. This product comes frozen in a 200g pack. Price is per pack. 

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