Coorong Mullet Fillets 200g

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Frozen | Wild caught | Skin on | Boneless

Experience the distinctive flavour of South Australian Coorong Mullet (Aldrichetta forsteri), a prized saltwater and estuarine species. Known for its unique taste, this fish is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes. With its soft and moist texture, Coorong Mullet is not only delicious but also rich in Omega 3. Indulge in its bold, distinct flavour and enjoy the moist, oily flesh that sets it apart. Coorong Mullet is filleted fresh, packed and frozen all on the same day. 

Ferguson Australia is a renowned South Australian seafood company with deep roots in the fishing industry. The Ferguson Australia fish fillets we’ve chosen to stock are all 100% Australian wild caught and processed.

Your Coorong Mullet Fillets from Dawson's Oyster Supplies come skin on and boneless. This product comes frozen in a 200g pack. Price is per pack. 

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