Baby Octopus

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Frozen | Wild Caught | 1Kg

Sourced from the pure and shallow waters of Coffin Bay and the west coast of South Australia, the Baby Octopus Berrima stands as a testament to sustainable fishing practices.

This delicacy is procured through eco-friendly trap capture methods, involving specialized tubes affixed to lines meticulously tended to by fishermen. This approach not only ensures the preservation of the local marine ecosystems but also delivers a tender and delectable taste that speaks of the pristine waters from which it originates.

Marinate in Mediterranean flavours and cook on the BBQ is how we best like to enjoy our baby octopus. For some recipe ideas, tips and tricks for cooking octopus, check out the blog. 

Your Baby Octopus from Dawson's Oyster Supplies come frozen, raw (uncooked) in a 1kg pack. Price is per pack. 

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