Garfish Fillets

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Frozen | Wild Caught | Skin On | Boneless

Kangaroo Island Garfish (Hyporhamphus melanochir) are renowned for their delightful sweetness. With a soft and delicate texture, this prized fish requires careful handling. Enjoy the versatility of Garfish as it lends itself to a variety of recipes, making it a popular choice among seafood enthusiasts. Southern Garfish is filleted fresh, packed and frozen all on the same day. 

Ferguson Australia is a renowned South Australian seafood company with deep roots in the fishing industry. The Ferguson Australia fish fillets we’ve chosen to stock are all 100% Australian wild caught and processed.

Your Garfish Fillets from Dawson's Oyster Supplies come skin on and are boneless. This product comes frozen in a 200g pack. Price is per pack. 

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